How we do e-commerce
It’s the simplicity of e-shopping that makes it so popular with buyers. The same should be said of selling! We make serving your customers simple, quick, and cost effective and e-commerce opens you up to buyers you could never otherwise reach, with a shop that never closes. We want to help you make the best of that opportunity.

At Cambertown, our e-commerce is;

  • Simple - for customers and for you - we make e-commerce straightforward for all;

  • Comprehensive - we don’t begin and end with building your site - we run your e-shop for you;

  • Seamless - so that orders through your site go straight to our fulfilment team, tracked by an automated system and watched over by fulfilment supervisors;

  • Highly cost effective - the cost involved in us building your e-commerce site can be minimal. Because the basic architecture of our e-commerce site already exists, ready to be tailored and customised to your requirements, in some cases we can even offer this for free. Yet the potential market you access is huge, so provided you promote your site effectively you’ll be looking at a very healthy return on your investment.

Direct Mail

DM is great, but it's nothing without the planning...

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From the moment your customer places an order, right to delivery, we’ll work as if we were you.

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Latest News
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