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  • Cambertown increases their enveloping capacity
  • Monday, December 16th, 2013

Cambertown has installed new Buhrs enveloping equipment capable of enclosing up to 7 inserts into envelopes, up to C4 in size. Managing Director Terry Sorfleet said that ‘even though overall volumes of direct mail are in decline our clients are actually increasing their own mail marketing partially due to the discount incentives that are available from Royal Mail for sending out Advertising Mail. This combined with the use of Royal Mail’s Barcode CBC service makes mail advertising a very cost effective option. Our clients are becoming disillusioned with electronic marketing as responses to email declines and they are switching some of their budgets back to mail marketing because results can be measured and mail does provide a good return on investment’. Terry added that ‘this is the first step in our plan to invest in a number of technologies over the next 12 months to not only help us to handle this increase in demand, but also put us in a position to offer a number of new services to our clients which we’ll unveil during the 2014’

  • Alternative Ways to Post
  • Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

The Royal Mail can trace its history back to 1516, when Henry VIII established a “Master of the Posts”, a post which eventually evolved into the office of the Postmaster General.

Nowadays Royal Mail handles 21 billion letters a year so there’s no wonder that most of us turn to our local Post Office when we need to send a letter or parcel.

But when it comes to business post, there are a growing number of courier firms and schemes where parcels can be delivered to a collection point near to a customer’s home.

For example Connect Plus has just signed up their 5,000 local stores to handle parcels despatched through Yodel so that customers can collect their parcels whenever the store is open.

Royal Mail is also looking for more business in the small packets market to replace the business they are losing in the letters market. It has just revamped its 24 and 48 hour tracked services where small, light items can be delivered at lower rates than couriers so it may be worth checking if your own parcel traffic can benefit from this.

When it comes to international deliveries unfortunately there is no ‘cheap’ solution. The starting point for overseas orders though is to ensure that your web site is charging the correct rate for overseas orders because if you’re mailing a 20kg parcel to Australia for £1.99 this will make a big dent in your bottom line!

There are overseas parcel courier consolidators, such as Secured Mail, who can offer good rates to overseas destination so it really is worth shopping around to check these out.

Think too whether there are any bottlenecks in your business? For example if you are doing your own pick, pack and distribution, is this the best use of your time?

Organisations like Cambertown not only take this off your hands, leaving you to concentrate on building your business, but we are also able to offer reduced packaging materials and courier rates that you can tap into.

  • Online Shopping Perils
  • Friday, July 19th, 2013

We used to be a nation of shopkeepers but now it seems we’re a nation of shoppers. And one of our biggest past times as a nation is buying online.

A whopping 32 million people (66 per cent of all adults) in Great Britain bought goods or services over the internet in 2011, according to the Office for National Statistics. An increase of 62 per cent from 2010.

Online shopping is quick, easy and convenient. You can browse and buy at leisure, avoid crowds and parking charges, try items in the comfort of your own home and return them easily.

Customers can buy instantly but unfortunately that means sometimes they expect delivery instantly so it’s important to manage people’s expectations.

Don’t over promise on delivery. If you know it takes you three days to get an item to customers from them ordering, tell them it will take four days and they’ll be pleased their order arrived early.

One of the main contributors to poor delivery is incorrect address information so ensure that your website validates customer addresses by using some online address ‘look up’ software.

This software is based on Royal Mail’s Postal Address File (PAF) system and completes an address when a customer puts in their house number and postcode.

Royal Mail and the major courier companies use PAF as the basis of their delivery systems and it dramatically increases the success of delivery.

Although installing software could incur a cost, it will reduce incidents of mis-deliveries or returns, which might cost you money if your couriers charges for these. Ultimately it reduces the number of disgruntled customers and increases the chance of them buying from you again.

Another good idea is to give customers the option of delivering to an alternative address, such as their place of work, because people do get frustrated at delivery attempts when they are not at home. Again check if your courier charges for re-deliveries.

Remember customers will come back to you if they are happy with the product and they got a good and speedy service so constantly check that this is what you’re providing.

  • Enterprise Intelligent Barcodes
  • Monday, April 29th, 2013

Enterprise Intelligent Barcode

If you’ve bought anything from a can of drink to a magazine recently, then chances are it will have one of these little black and white codes on it.

Known as QR codes (quick response codes), the idea is you scan them with an app on your mobile phone and they reveal more details about the product by linking you directly to websites, Facebook, email addresses and phone numbers.

Now Royal Mail is planning to introduce its own version of the code during 2014 and is giving customers the option to have Enterprise Intelligent Barcodes printed on their mail.

This nifty barcode will not only contain the address details but will also be used to track each piece of mail through the Royal Mail system to the delivery office. It will enable Royal Mail to report when letters were dispatched and delivered which in turn helps customers who are trying to track mail.

Royal Mail plans to leave half of the barcode content as free space for customers and companies such as Cambertown to use. So we’ll be able to offer added support with elements such as print production, response services, returns management etc.

Royal Mail is working closely on this issue with the Strategic Mailing Partnership (SMP) – of which Cambertown is a member – and we’ll keep you informed of developments as they unfold.

  • Delivered by Royal Mail
  • Monday, November 19th, 2012

Royal Mail has introduced a new PPI layout which needs to be used from 2nd January 2013 so please consider this if you are planning on printing any stocks of envelopes, brochures, postcards etc that you’ll be using in the New Year.

The new logo looks like this.

Sample of delivered by Royal Mail PPI.

Royal Mail has produced an online facility for customers to create their own PPI which can be found at the following link

This is quite easy to use and all you need is your PPI Licence number to generate the type of logo you need and then output it as either a JPG or a TIFF File for use in your artwork. If you’ve any probelms with this give us a call and we’ll try and help you.

  • Postage Rate Increases
  • Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

Royal Mail is proposing to increase postage charges in April 2012 and are also introducing VAT on a number of it’s services.

It looks as though the majority of prices for sorted items will go up  by an average of 5% (exact prices aren’t yet published) but standard rate stamp prices will be increased by a much higher percentage.

To minimise these increases Royal Mail will be introducing a number of discounted postal services for Mailing Houses like pass on to our clients.

Here’s some of what Royal Mail has already told us:-

We are introducing an unsorted option for our Advertising Mail™ product – suitable for smaller mailings which don’t qualify for sortation discounts.

There is also a new machine readable large letter format within Advertising Mail™, with the option for polywrap – good for catalogues and large format mailings.

We are also introducing a packet format within Advertising Mail™ to help you optimise return on investment (ROI) on your creative direct mail. Typical price increases for Advertising Mail™ are below 5% for letters, with some as low as 1%. Large letter increases are mostly between 4% and 7%.

You can see from this that Royal is looking for mailing packs to become more machinable and address data to be more accurate so please talk to us about how best to acheive this.

Watch this space for further developments.

  • Happy 25th Birthday to us!
  • Saturday, November 12th, 2011

On 6th October 2011 Cambertown Ltd celebrated 25 years in business and to mark the occassion Cambertown staff tucked into a Postman Pat Birthday cake.

Cambertown Managing Director Terry Sorfleet said, “We’ve dealt with Royal Mail for 25 years and they have delivered millions of letters and parcels for our mailing and mail order clients during this period, so it only seemed fitting that Postman Pat should be here celebrating with us…… it’s a shame we had to eat him!”

Terry, who founded the company, said that “The last 25 years have been a great deal of fun and I’m extremely thankful to the customers and staff who have supported Cambertown over the last 25 years, and I’m really looking forward to the next 25″.

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